Diddy First Aiders is designed for our younger children in school and uses being physically active to engage and inspire children to learn the vital skills of saving a life.

Children will meet Aidie our life saving alien and his accident prone family on their adventures. There adventures led you through a serious of first aid emergencies which Aidie has to solve using his trusty first aid kit and skills.

Children will learn ……..

  • Join in the First Aid relay and find out What is First Aid and what is in a First Aid kit?
  • A larva rock dash and race is in order when learning about bleeding and burns – Treatment
  • Try on one of our bright yellow astronaut choking vests when finding out about Choking – How can I help?
  • An unconscious alien has just landed find out how to help an Unconscious person – What shall I do?
  • Race to find the rocket telephone but do not drop it in the crater to call for help from mission control How to make an emergency phone call.

WORKSHOPS- Individual classes, 1/2 day and full day workshops available.